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Yamaha is one of the three largest manufacturers of golf carts across the world, sharing the space with E-Z-Go and Club Car. This is a fairly commendable achievement considering the fact that it only began production in 1979, more than 20 years after its two major rivals.

Well known in the consumer market for its high quality motorcycles, musical instruments and audio equipment, Yamaha showcases the same degree of technological prowess in its range of golf carts. Starting with gas operated engines in its first model, the G-1 launched in 1979, it soon introduced an electric version a year later in 1980. Since then, it has been constantly innovating and refining this basic design to provide its customers with the ultimate combination of safety, comfort and durability.

Key Features

Yamaha is best known in the industry for its three best selling series of golf cars. There’ is the Adventurer series for utility work capable of carrying a payload of up to 300 pounds with advanced features including a pneumatically operated dump bed. The Concierge series, designed for passenger transport, can seat up to six people (depending on the configuration selected) safely and comfortably. Finally, there is the Drive platform, Yamaha’s most popular offering designed for personal use. Most of these vehicles are available in electric, battery, and gas operated versions depending on your preferences and requirements. On this note, it is also worth mentioning that Yamaha carts are some of the most lightweight in the industry which minimizes their impact on golf courses.


Yamaha is the only golf cart company that provides four power options for its cars, namely, AC (Electric), gas EFI, DC (battery), and Carbureted. It is highly regarded in the industry for its reliability and low cost of maintenance. This is because its golf carts use the very best in engine technology drawing from the store of knowledge gleaned from Yamaha Motor Company’s past experience with its award winning motorcycles. Further, the suspension on Yamaha carts easily outperforms most of its competitors. To put it as succinctly as possible, Yamaha golf carts are highly durable and enjoy a long service life much like its motorcycles. It is for this very reason that this brand does so well in second hand golf car market.

Yamaha also ranks ahead of its competitors when it comes to mileage courtesy of its gas powered golf cars averaging up to 40 miles per gallon. This is a consequence of its state of the art engine technology and low-weight composite construction. Its golf carts provide significantly greater mileage than its competitors across all variants and power options. In fact, it delivers a greater amount of horsepower while simultaneously providing a higher mileage. In all fairness, power output is not as important a consideration in golf cars as compared to regular cars. That said, the fact that Yamaha golf carts deliver a greater power output without compromising on mileage in any way is a very impressive feat.

Finally, it is worth pointing out that Yamaha is one of the highest rated golf cart brands in the world which is due, in no small part, to its excellent after sale service and customer support. This, coupled with the standard four year warranty on Yamaha golf carts makes it a very popular choice for golf courses, clubs as well as individual golfers.


Although Yamaha golf cars are known for their reliability, they do require occasional maintenance and after-care which is usually not a problem on account of their prompt customer service. The most commonly reported problems with Yamaha golf carts are caused by battery issues for which you might require professional help unless it is a simple problem like accumulation of dirt on the battery terminal

The other significant criticism of Yamaha golf carts relate to their partial or total steel frame construction. Arguably, steel frame construction is necessary for Yamaha’s lightweight structure which in turn improves its mileage and reduces its impact on golf courses. Unfortunately though, this comes at the cost of a higher rate of wear and tear. In tropical climates, Yamaha manufactured golf cars suffer damage from the elements at a relatively quicker rate compared to its rival products especially without regular maintenance.


All in all, Yamaha is a fairly safe and reliable brand for both new and used golf carts. The company sports a fairly diverse range of carts available in four power options depending on their intended use. In a short time, it has established itself in the golf-car market with its impeccable build-quality and state of the art engine technology made possible by the company's extensive experience in designing motorcycles and ATVs. Despite the fact that is a relatively new entrant in the golf car market that has traditionally been dominated by E-Z-Go and Club Car, it has firmly established itself as a worthy competitor.