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Factors that You Must Bear in mind while Buying a golf cart





Mobility is an important aspect of golf cart and the lighter the cart, the more mobile it is. By choosing a lightweight cart, not only do you tend to save time while on the course but also save on energy. 

Given the undulating nature of a golf course, stability is an aspect which is of utmost importance. Ways of judging stability of a golf cart entaildriving a fully loaded cart all over the course and tilting it sideways. 

A golf cart is regarded as being versatile when it equipped with   adequate number of in-built storage compartments. Ease of accessibility turns out to be an added advantage if it has been catered for. 

How strong is your golf cart? From seats and headlights on to wheels, every part of the cart should be contructed from material which is strong enough without adding to the weight and bulk of the cart. 

Golf Cart 101

Have you ever wondered as to why 'golf carts' are so named? Anything on wheels that is not self-propelled and needs to pushed or pulled by humans or animals for moving is referred to as a cart and since the samll vehicle which golfers use for traversing the course conforms to this definition, it is known as a golf cart. Its definition notwithstanding,a golf cart is convenience personified for a golfer because it enables him to carry all his paraphernalia during the game without making the effort of lugging it on his back and shoulders. In addition, it also saves him the trouble of walking around the course, something that can prove to be extremely strenuous on a hot day over a long game. Do you know which golf cart Tiger Woods uses? How about Rory McIlroy?

History of Golf Carts 

It was during the early 1900s' that a golf cart was sighted for the first time by a resident of Texas and Arkansas named JK Wadley. When he saw a small motorized evehicle being used for transportation of senior citizens over short distances and controlled environment, he was struck by the idea of using the same for moving around comfortably on his golf course. Of course, the plan did not work that well and he had to give up the idea.

Circa 1932 was the time when the first of its kind electrical golf cart was modeled but unfortunately people were not convinced enough to embrace the concept. Over the next two decades, usage of golf carts was limited to transporting the physically challenged since these vehicles were lightweight, easy to manoever and maintained a moderate speed. 1950s'were witness to golf carts coming into vogue and very soon these were a common sight in golf courses across European and American countries. Of course, there was a proliferation of manufacturers in this niche and this resulted in creation of a variety of models, thus leaving the users spoiled for choice. Given the technology at that time, electric was the way to go and most of the golf carts that were created conformed to this. 

Credit for creating the first electrically operated golf cart goes to Merle Williams, a resident of Long Beach, California, and much of his inspiration came from rationing of gasoline during the Second World War. His company was the first to manufacture golf carts in 1951 and was followed by E-Z-Go (1954), Clkub car (1958) and Yamaha(1979). There was an attempt at creating a gasoline operated golf cart too in 1957 and like its contemporaries, it was meant to carry two people plus golf paraphernalia. 

Types of Golf Carts

Electrical has always been the way to go with golf carts and in spite of the availability of the gasoline version, it is the electric variant which is most preferred. Not only is it eco friendly owing to absence of pollution causing emmisions, but also low on noise, relatively slow in terms of speed and safe for the occupants as also pedestrians. Owing to being perfect for short-distance transportation, golf carts come under the category of NEV, an acronym for Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, but are allowed to ply only on few selected areas.  

The latest in the niche is invention of adaptive golf cart which is meant to be a showcase of new technology. Named 'SoloRider' owing to having been designed for a single person, its high point is its seat which can swivel 360 degrees, assume an upright position, and provides the golfer with sufficient support so as to enable him to take an upright stance and swing. Thanks to this golf cart, the game can now be enjoyed by people with physical disabilities too.     

While some American states require the driver of the golf cart to be minimum 13 years of age, others have raised the bar to 14/15 years. 

Buying A Golf Cart

Assuming that you have taken up golf as a sport and for this reason require a golf cart, you will be faced with two viable options, namely either to purchase a new vehicle or to settle for a second hand unit. Among other factors, the big difference between the two would be the price wherein a used golf cart would undoubtedly fall out to be cheaper as compared to its brand new counterpart.

Equally important are factors like mobility, stability, versatility and durability not to mention provision of adequate space to carry equipment and the number of people it can carry at any given point in time. Exploring energy options prior to purchase is also a good idea as is its adaptability in terms of the particular golf course on which it is being operated. 

Likewise, in case of used golf carts, the first point that you must check pertains to its overall condition and its fuel efficiency. Customization is another aspect that you must check in terms of functionality and financial viability so that a bit of modification at a later date should not cause much of a hassle.