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E-Z-Go has been in the business of designing and manufacturing golf carts for over 60 years since it began operations in 1954 in a one room machine shop in Augusta, Georgia. 

In 1960, E-Z-Go became a subsidiary of its parent company Textron, a multi-industry Fortune 500 company with holdings in groups like Bell Helicopter and Cessna Aircraft. Therefore, it is hardly surprise that its golf carts possess some of the most technologically advanced features seen in the industry today. As of today, E-Z-Go is one of the leading global producers of golf carts, utility vehicles and PTVs (Personal Transportation Vehicle). Its golf carts have become virtually ubiquitous in both public and private golf courses.

Key Features

It is common knowledge that E-Z-Go golf carts have incorporated a number of advanced engineering technologies over the course of the past few decades. This includes features such as automatic braking, drive-by-wire system, single switch forward and reverse and its pioneering hybrid electric-gasoline engine, which has become very popular with environmentally conscious customers.

E-Z-Go golf carts are sleekly designed with a durable steel frame and come in a variety of different models depending on their intended use. This brand is internationally known for its ruggedness, durability and low maintenance requirement. Additionally, E-Z-Go carts can be easily modified as per your requirements on account of the diverse range of accessories and upgrade kits that you can ship with your cart. These range from basic add-ons like seat belts and MP3 players to heavy Duty Motor and Controller Packages. Hence, E-Z-Go carts are widely used as flexible multi-role vehicles in golf courses across the world.

Like most other golf car manufacturers, E-Z-Go’s carts come in both electric and gas powered variants depending on your requirements. Gas powered variants are more powerful with a greater top speed while the electrically driven options are more eco-friendly but at the cost of reduced power output.


Ever since it began production in 1954, E-Z-Go’s golf carts have been highly recommended for their robust build quality, reliability and durability. Moreover, its spare parts are plentiful, easily available and most importantly cheap which gives E-Z-Go golf carts a fairly long service life if adequate repaired and maintained as and when necessary.

E-Z-Go carts are also known for advanced engineering technologies such as the automatic braking feature which engages the brakes automatically as soon as your foot is off the pedal. This feature is particularly useful whilst traversing uneven or hilly terrain as it prevents your cart from sliding down an incline on its own. Meanwhile, other remarkable features such as the drive-by-wire system and the single switch forward and reverse function have made its carts much easier to use than its competitors.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that E-Z-Go carts use the coil over spring-shocks suspension system so as to ensure smooth ride quality and minimize bounce. This makes it one of the most comfortable golf carts for regular use especially over uneven terrain.



E-Z-GO carts have been criticized in the past because they are not very good when it comes to traversing hilly terrain or carrying heavy loads. This is perhaps because carts manufactured in the 1990s used motors made by General Electric that delivered a relatively lower power output or torque.

Secondly, it is worth pointing out that Yamaha’s electrically driven carts sport lower power consumption while its gas operated variants consistently average higher miles per gallon than E-Z-Go across the board. However, equally evident is the fact that this difference has been bridged to a large extent and it is no longer as significant as it was during the 1990s.

Thirdly, E-Z-Go carts tend to require a bit more maintenance than some of its rivals although the easy access to spare parts renders this a fairly simple task. Its carts come with fuel pumps and filters that need to be maintained and periodically replaced if necessary. In this context, it is also worth noting that E-Z-Go golf carts feature metal switches which have been known to be susceptible to rustic in humid climates or in locations near the sea without regular care and maintenance.


E-Z-Go is currently one of the market leaders in the golf cart industry whose experience in designing and manufacturing golf cars spans over 60 years which is no small achievement. It has held out against stiff competition by its rivals Club Car and more recently, Yamaha without relinquishing its dominant position in the market. It goes without saying that, E-Z-Go makes some of the best golf carts available today. The only real downside to buying an E-Z-Go golf cart is that its engine technology is slightly inferior to Yamaha. However, this is relatively a negligible pitfall when you should consider it in combination with a number of other factors before coming to a decision.