The Island Roadrunner

all you want to know about golf carts

Who We Are

'islandroadrunner' is an attempt to set up a golf community wherein golfers all over the world can come together on a common platform and discuss about one of the most essential requisites of the game, namely golf carts. While golf cart communities are common on islands, their purpose is often limited to transportation and preservation of environment. These are my objectives too but I wanted to create a website that would go beyond the usability aspect and throw light on something that we all go through at some point in time - buying a golf cart. 

By discussing the four major brands of golf carts, I have tried to express an unbiased opinion so that any visitor who goes through the content will have gained a comprehensive database. This in turn would enable you to make an educated choice rather than just hitting in the dark and regretting later. In this era of consumerism, it is important to make an informed decision and to facilitate this is the objective of this website. 

Do feel free to let me know if my website has been of help to you and also if I may have missed something of importance pertaining to this subject which is so close of our heart.